a revolutionary solution for your online Gives Day

GivesDays Platform Features

Secure and scalable

All donations are processed through our secure online platform, which features SSL security on both the front and back ends. Our system is scalable to your needs, and has proven capable of handling thousands of financial transactions per minute.

Build your website in phases

Your Gives Day website will have several phases before, during and after the actual giving day. Our system allows you to maintain a version of your website for each phase, which may include pre-nonprofit registration, nonprofit registration phase, Gives Day, and post-Gives Day. Each phase is developed to communicate a specific message to a specific audience at any particular point within your timeline.

Manage nonprofit registrations

Nonprofits can register directly through your Gives Day website through a customizable registration form. As the next step you can approve their registrations through the Control Panel.

Maintain a database of your nonprofits

Add additional nonprofits or edit existing information for any nonprofit in your database through the Control Panel. Export detailed information for all your nonprofits at any time to use for a mail-merge or bulk email campaign.

Gives Day donations management

Keep an eye on all the incoming donations during your Gives Day. See a detailed transaction history for each donation, handle any issues the donors may encounter during the donation through our unique donation resolution process, reissue donation receipts, and more.

Detailed Gives Day reports

Review or download detailed reports of donations and nonprofits at any time. Access standard and custom reports through the Control Panel.